It's a funny old life…

My early interest in the arts was in music, poetry and drama – piqued by The Liverpool Scene – a fabulous local band of musicians and poets including Adrian Henry, Mike Evans, Mike Hart, Percy Jones and Mike Dodson.

Joining a band came about when a bloke from my street in Liverpool sent his sister to knock on my door and ask me if I was interested in playing drums in his outfit. As I didn't play drums at the time, I of course, said yes… and the rest is… a mystery.

That band was called "Medium Theatre" an acid rock band who, in those early days performed original songs and poetry.  We toured the UK in and old Ford Transit van purchsed for a small fee from the Scaffold. Many a happy time was spent on the hard-shoulder of the M1/M6. Luckily we had some friends with proper jobs who had cars, tow-ropes and patience.

Many gigs later the band had run it's course and I was offered a job playing drums for a pantomime at the Dukes Playouse in Lancaster: at Musicians Union rates! I had never been so rich. Not exactly rock and roll but hey, I was making a living and having a good time.

Looking at the stage from the 'orchestra pit' (tee hee – that's a pianist and me) my constant restlessness imagined acting would be a good wheeze. So, off I go to drama school in Manchester. Three years later I'm working as an actor/musician at the Everyman Theatre where I had first come across The Liverpool Scene.

Working in theatres was a huge change. Not only did you often perform in the same town for weeks at a time, but they paid you!