It's a funny old life…

I started out as a drummer in an early 70s rock band in Liverpool called "Medium Theatre". My early interest in music, poetry and drama having been piqued by "The Liverpool Scene" a local band of musicians and poets including Adrian Henry and Mike Evans. I was also picked for a life of fame (not!) by a bloke from my street who sent his sister down to knock on my door and ask me if I was interested in playing drums in his band. As I didn't play drums at the time, I of course, said yes… and the rest… is a mystery.

Many gigs later I was offered a job playing drums for a pantomime at the Dukes Playouse in Lancaster. Musicians union rates! I had never been so rich. Not exactly rock and roll but hey, I was making a living and having a very good time.

Looking at the stage from the 'orchestra pit' (tee hee – that's a pianist and me). I decided acting looked like a good wheeze. So, of I go to drama school in Manchester. Three years later I'm working as an actor/musician.