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Staff portrait photography in East Sussex for CV's, online and print

Do your staff need shooting?

For business clients in East Sussex needing staff photography we set up a studio on your premises and photograph up to twenty staff in a day. We come to you with a backdrop and professional studio lighting. If your house style is for a more fly-on-the-wall portrait then we can take photos in individual offices or other locations, but obviously this means moving lighting – so we may not be able to take quite so many.

These are for marketing use on CVs, newsletters and websites. We supply colour and/or black and white digital files on CD, or for some clients, we upload straight to the company website, ready for immediate use.

We also have an online system through which we can manage the process of inviting individuals in your organisation by email and allowing them to book a time slot to suit them. This system also allows them to choose their photograph online.

Bookings are taken for a minimum half day (4 hour) session during which we can take up to 10 staff portraits.

Always happy to visit prospective clients in East Sussex or London, with no obligation, to discuss your staff photography needs.


As with all our services, if you are not happy with the quality of the session then you will not be charged.

07956 292 570 | ray@rayburnside.co.uk